Psychological Testing

Psychological Assessments evaluate and measure mental abilities, behaviour, personality or cognitive processes, aptitudes, personal style, attitudes, emotions, motivations and personality characteristics. They are objective, scientifically based assessment measures that reduce the amount of “guess work” that is inevitably involved in the recruitment process. Reports based on these tests can assist in verifying claims in resumes regarding personality, skills or abilities in addition to checking “hunches” resulting from interviews in regard to these factors.

We provide a wide range of Psychological Testing including, but not limited to:

  • General Aptitude / Intelligence Tests
  • Occupational Personality Profiles
  • Skills Testing
  • Skilled and Operational Assessment Processes
  • Safety Assessment
  • Sales and Marketing

Psychological Assessments are not only a valuable tool for external recruitment, but can also be used for the selection of internal candidates or the development of employees. They can be a great starting point for identifying, understanding and guiding behavioural responses of employees in a variety of situations. Assessment results can guide employee development programs in areas such as effective communication, goal setting, conflict resolution strategies and leadership.