Leadership Coaching

The Anna Harris & Associates Executive Coaching Programs draw on the strengths, knowledge and insights that have emerged from years of working with executive careers and provides a solid base of proven methodologies, psychological approaches and coaching techniques.

Leadership coaching is an effective intervention for executive development, particularly in the area of helping executives understanding their personal styles and response patterns, and the issues that arise from these.

Organisational benefits from leadership coaching are many and varied but derive principally from the development of the individual with the aim to increase retention, morale, creativity and productivity.

Effective programs are based on three foundational concepts: organisational convictions around the effects of leadership development, effective management of the natural tensions that arise throughout  the use of coaching, and the appropriate selection and positioning of leadership coaching as an intervention.

While each and every client is different, common themes that often emerge, in addition to others include:

  • Learn how to lead and motivate others
  • Enhance communication with superiors, peers and subordinates
  • Develop and implement strategic goals and plans
  • Perform multiple roles more efficiently and effectively
  • Manage change
  • Build confidence
  • Organise and focus ideas for important meetings and presentations
  • Make persuasive, motivating presentations to any type and size of audience
  • “Sell” yourself, the company, and the project
  • Manage internal and client discussions and meetings
  • Manage your time and the time of others
  • Delegate effectively
  • Enhance your image