Career Transition Services


In the instance where employees are no longer required to fulfil their existing position and the organisation requires the employee to transition out of this role into a new vocation, or if an employee is being considered for an internal promotion, redeployment services may be of benefit.

Anna Harris & Associates provide vocational assessment, training needs analysis, and employee development plans in consultation with the employee and the organisation to outline a path of transition into the employee’s new role. Upon completion of the transition phase, the employee will have successfully established themselves in their new role.


Career Management / Transition

Anna Harris & Associates has extensive experience in assisting a broad range of Managers, Professionals and Support people with effective, results-oriented Outplacement and Career Transition Programs. Our Career Management Programs are of a high calibre and are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each person helping them to re-engage quickly and professionally in the employment market.

Our Career Management Programs are unique in that they provide one-on-one career coaching and mentoring, strategic networking and psychological assessment services to facilitate career transition, including sourcing new roles or entrepreneurial ventures. Our Programs are practical, based on years of experience as to what techniques work, are results-orientated and have a proven success rate of engaging people in new employment within 90 days of initial engagement.

Anna Harris is a Registered Psychologist and highly experienced Career Coach. She has had significant success in assisting people to create and execute their career change strategy using career management techniques through using the Saville Consulting Wave integrated suite of assessment tools that go beyond personality, beyond motivation and beyond culture offering sophisticated individual and corporate diagnostics.

The Saville Consulting Wave Professional Styles provides powerful information for participants at the initial stages of their Career Transition Program to diagnose where their talents lie, expand their career capabilities, develop strong insights about their talents and strengths and harness entrepreneurial potential. This activity then prepares participants to map out their Career Strategy and to begin the very important process of identifying suitable companies and opportunities.

Assistance is also given by Anna Harris in accessing both professional and informal networks during the job search and understanding how to open the door with companies and how to get interviews with the key stakeholders and decision makers.